Corporate Governance Status

The Company continued its efforts to improve its corporate governance. Since 2016, it has voted on the resolutions of the shareholders'' meeting to approve and discuss matters in a case-by-case vote. In order to enable shareholders to participate in the Company''s major decision-making channel and implement shareholder activism, an E-Voting system was implemented at the annual general meeting of the same year. Beginning in 2018, all the candidates for the nomination of directors will be elected as a total of 7 members of the Board of Directors. In accordance with the “Corporate Governance Principles”, the composition of Board of Directors should be considered for diversification and then achieve the professional balance. The current board members of the Company are also rich in accounting, finance, commerce, law, marketing, or industrial technology expertise respectively, among which there is 1 female director.

The Company has two functional committees under the Board of Directors, the “Audit Committee” and the “Remuneration Committee” to supervise, manage and implement the relevant corporate governance major matters; as for other functional committees, which will be based on the actual operational needs of the Company or the statutory requirements of the competent authority to be established at an appropriate time.

The Company is convinced that the corporate governance founded on transparency and integrity is the bedrock of a company’s sustainable operations. To foster a corporate culture of integrity management and fulfillment of social responsibility and create a sustainable operating environment, the Chairman’s Office is responsible for the formulation and supervision of the integrity management policy and prevention plan, and has laid down the “Code of Ethical Conduct” the “Code of Integrity Management”, the “Corporate Social Responsibility Policy”, and the “Code of Practice for Corporate Social Responsibility” approved by Board of Directors, which are used as the basis for the operation of the Company's operating activities, and if necessary or in case of major events, the relevant matters are reported to the board of directors. The Company’s current status in corporate governance operations, fulfillment of social responsibility, and integrity management, please refer to the Company's official website > Corporate > Annual General Meeting > Annual Report