Stakeholders and Communication
Stakeholders Communication
Stockholders/Investors The Company periodically or irregularly holds Investor Conference toward profit outcome, risk control, company managing policy which investors are interested into. Announce monthly revenue report, quarterly unaudited profit &loss report, audited financial report. Hold annual shareholders' meeting. Issue certain material information/incident through material information declaration, media conference, news, the investors' concerned information in company official website
Employees To comply with labor law, focus on job training, encourage employees to take lessons, and the Company has sponsor plans. The opinions of employees can be communicated and reacted by multiple methods to managing levels and HR. All problems could be solved smoothly. Hold employee meeting quarterly to let them understand the future of company, policy and other matters. The Company sets up Employee Welfare Committee to hold association activities, welfare and domestic/overseas travel. In addition, employee has labor insurance, health insurance, group insurance and travel safety insurance. Hold annual physicals and consult by doctors every other 2 month for 3 hours to have employee understand their health conditions. In accordance the Association of Articles, the Company has employee bonus sharing and retirement policy, Appropriate by law of the old system for the pension to Taiwan Bank. Appropriate by law for the pension of the new system to personal account in Labor Insurance Bureau. The Company has labor-management conference for the communication between the representatives selected among employees to express opinions. In order to achieve zero calamity of duty, the Company has labor safety hygiene specialist to execute the policy of related safety hygiene and we set up anti fire staff with trained skill to enhance the safety concept.
Customers The Company's enterprise spirit “ We bring Technology and Value ” is always our guide and we keep providing all kinds of solutions to our manufacturer customers to build the connection between them and suppliers for the key components, and we shorten the mass production schedule by such. In the past year, smart phones, tablets, touch products are in great demand thus the good connection between suppliers and customers are the key to success, any company who holds the key components and fast reaction for the technical support will prevail. Managing & Technical Div shall have the insight for the industry demand and technical creation and deploy in time to gain the key components franchise to keep our competition position. In the view of customer demand, the Company does our best to sell products and obverse carefully for the economic environment changing and the demand changing to control our operation, finance, risk management. Enhance our credit risk control to avoid the doubted account. Evaluate customer's demand and control the inventory level carefully to lower down the capital overstock and the risk to achieve to profit
Suppliers/Vendors In addition to the distributor's role to stabilize our franchise, in the point of vendor side, the Company observes their operation status, understand their financial structure, capital budgeting, production capability, delivery schedule, etc.. To what degree those are influenced by global economics, so the Company can evaluate the stability of such product distribution to ensure capability of the products and reach the scale economy to fulfill the demand of customer and lower down the risk of stock. The Company wishes to build the win-win policy between suppliers and customers and maintain the purchase / production / sale policy that fits the ethics and environment protection standard.
Society The Company stands a role for the society care in the NeiHu Science Park, we care the development of this area and we speak when it needs. In order to be a responsible enterprise citizen for its social responsibility, we involve in social welfare activities, environmental protection, sports, volunteers, academic/art activities.