Supervisors Structure

Weikeng’s Supervisors consists of three members with a great breadth of experience in different industries. The Supervisors assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight of the quality and integrity of the accounting, auditing, reporting, and financial control practices of the Company. The Supervisors is responsible to review the Company’s: financial reports; auditing and accounting policies and procedures; internal control systems; material asset or derivatives transactions; material lending funds, endorsements or guarantees; offering or issuance of any equity-type securities; legal compliance; related-party transactions and potential conflicts of interests involving executive officers and directors; Ombudsman reports; fraud investigation reports; corporate risk management; and appointment or discharge of financial, accounting, or internal auditing officers. Supervisors’ members may execute their right independently to supervise or monitor the related operation of the Company. The end of each fiscal year, the Board of Directors shall provide the operating report, financial statements, and earning distribution proposal for stockholders dividends, payoff of Board of Directors and Supervisors, and employees’ bonus to Supervisors for auditing in thirty days prior to the meeting of shareholders.

Weikeng’s Supervisors is empowered by its Charter to conduct any study or investigation it deems appropriate to fulfill its responsibilities. It has direct access to Weikeng’s internal auditors, the Company’s independent auditors, and all employees of the Company. The Supervisors is authorized to retain and oversee special legal, accounting, or other consultants as it deems appropriate to fulfill its mandate. The Supervisors meets at least once every quarter. Please consult Weikeng's Annual Report for the relevant year for the number of meetings convened and each member’s attendance rate.

Membership of Supervisors

Name Job Title Academy Degree
Michael Hsiao Je Pun International Co., Ltd, Senior Vice President Bachelor of Commerce, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
Bill Chen King Yuan Electronics Co. Ltd., Board of Director Master in Finance, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Master in Computer Science & Information Engineering, National Taiwan University
Peggy Chen International Transportation Inc., Director Jinou Girls Private Senior High School, Taipei City