Partnership spirit

 Founded in 1977; based in APAC; top 5 Greater China distributor

 IPO in 2000, Taiex: 3033

 Mission: Leader in Full-Service Electronic Components & Peripheral

Distribution in Asia Pacific

 Three operations, reporting to COO:

。Weikeng Industrial (HQ), based in Taiwan

。Weikeng Int’l, a wholly-owned subsidiary, based in China/HK, since 1994

。Weikeng Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary based in South East Asia, since 2000

 Group over 1067 employees in 27 sales offices

 Consolidated Sales Revenue in 2017, audited: NT$51.9 billion

 Application Segment: Computing, Communications, Consumer, Automotive & Industrial

 Broad-based and diversified customers

 Experienced and stable management team

 Sound, stable financial results