Product News

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2018-11-08 [AMD] AMD EPYC 處理器方案為亞馬遜雲端運算服務採用 Amazon EC2 Instance的三項全新部署象徵AMD EPYC 在資料中心的重大里程碑
2018-11-02 EPC Partners with Wireless Power Innovators to Lead the Way in 5G Applications and Beyond
2018-10-30 XMOS helps Skyworth create a voice-enabled, always-on AI TV
2018-09-11 [EPC] EPC Introduces 100 V eGaN® Power Transistor – 30 Times Smaller Than Comparable Silicon and Capable of 97% Efficiency at 500 kHz
2018-08-28 [Infineon] World’s first portable recording studio: Infineon's digital MEMS technology enables Zylia ZM-1 microphone array
2018-08-07 [Microchip] Protect In-vehicle Networks from Hackers with the Industry’s First Automotive Security Development Kit
2018-07-10 [Infineon] New high performance resonant controller IC with PFC for power supply and lighting drivers
2018-06-26 [Microchip] Increase Functionality in Sensor Nodes with New 8-bit tinyAVR® MCUs
2018-06-19 [Molex] Molex Announces New Arkansas Design Center
2018-06-19 [HGST] HGST 硬碟機品牌將全面以 Western Digital 品牌取代
2018-06-05 [EPC] Simultaneously Power (or Charge) Cell Phones to Laptops Wirelessly with EPC’s Complete Class 4 Transmitter Paired with A Regulated Category 5 AirFuel™ Alliance Compatible Wireless Power Demonstration Kit Capable of Receiving up to 27 W at 19 V
2018-06-05 [Mellanox] Mellanox與技嘉聯合展示人工智慧混和雲平台
2018-06-04 [Vishay] Vishay's New High Current Planar Choke Inductor Delivers Same Performance as Wirewounds in Fraction of Space
2018-06-01 [EPC] jjPLUS and Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Showcasing Wide Surface-Area, Multiple-Device Wireless Power Solutions at InnoVEX 2018
2018-05-30 [Vishay] Vishay Intertechnology Launches Its First Automotive Grade Phototransistor Optocoupler
2018-05-29 [Infineon] Highest power density for 650V IGBT in surface mounting D2PAK
2018-05-29 [Infineon] CoolSET™ family: New fixed frequency PWM controller and integrated power IC delivers high performance and circuit protection
2018-05-21 [I Lattice] Ultra-Low Power Lattice sensAI Leads Mass Market Enablement of Artificial Intelligence in Edge Devices
2018-05-16 [Vishay] Vishay Intertechnology Snap-in Power Aluminum Capacitors Save Space, Lower Costs for Power Supplies, Solar Inverters, and Motor Controls
2018-05-15 [I Lattice] Lattice Expands Modular Video Interface Platform (VIP) to Simplify Video Connectivity for Embedded Vision System Designs
2018-04-27 [EPC] EPC Introduces 350 V eGaN® Power Transistor − 20 Times Smaller Than Comparable Silicon
2018-03-30 [Vishay] Vishay Intertechnology Launches Its First Automotive Grade Phototransistor Optocoupler
2018-03-30 [XMOS] XMOS announces a new regional distribution deal with Weikeng across China and Taiwa
2018-03-12 [Vishay] Vishay Intertechnology’s FRED Pt® Ultrafast Rectifiers in FlatPAK™ 5x6 Package Increase Power Density, Performance Efficiency, and Device Reliability
2018-03-08 [EPC] Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Experts Joining Engineers in China to Innovate New Designs by Maximizing GaN FET and IC Performance, More Than Just R
2018-02-27 [ Infineon] With Infineon XENSIV™ MEMS microphones: XMOS announces their new stereo-AEC far-field linear development kit for Amazon AVS
2018-01-12 [Vishay] Vishay Intertechnology to Highlight Automotive Product Line at Automotive World Japan Show 2018