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Lattice Semiconductor is a service-driven developer of innovative low cost, low power programmable design solutions, including FPGAs, PLDs and programmable power and board management devices.  Lattice provides customers with a comprehensive support ecosystem that includes powerful, easy to use Design Tools, IP cores, Reference Designs, Development Kits and local technical support.

Lattice design solutions include:

  • The LatticeECP3 mid-range FPGA family offers the industry's lowest power consumption of any SERDES-capable FPGA device.

  • The MachXO2 family of non-volatile, infinitely reconfigurable programmable logic devices (PLDs) offers designers of low density PLDs an unprecedented mix of low cost, low power and high system integration in a single device.

  • The iCE40 Los Angeles mobileFPGA family is designed for sensor management, video and imaging, custom connectivity and memory/storage expansion for consumer and mobile design applications.

  • The Power Manager II and Platform Manager devices integrate common board power and digital management functions into a programmable, single chip solution that increases reliability and reduces design risk.

  • Lattice Diamond design software offers leading-edge design and implementation tools optimized for cost sensitive, low-power Lattice FPGA architectures.


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Product description

1)  Industrial
  (1)  Industrial Automation HMI:
(2)  Building Automation HMI:
  (3)  Data Acquisition System:
  (4)  Distributed Wireless Surveillance System:
  (5)  Flexible Industrial Display Controller:

2) Consumer
    (1) DVD Player:
  (2) Digital Cameras and Camcorders:
  (3) Flat Panel Displays:
  (4) Gaming Console:
  (5)PDA :
  (6) Digital Set-Top Boxes:
  (7) Vending Machines & Kiosks:
  (8) Household Appliances HMI:
  (9) Pico Projector:
  (10) MIPI Battery Interface:

3) Video and Display Solution
  (1) SMPTE:
  (2) 7:1 LVDS Video Interface:
  (3) DVI Video Interface:
  (4) HDMI Video Interface:
  (5) Sensor Bridge:
  (6) Dual Sensor Interface Bridge:

4) Security & Surveillance

5) PCI Express Solutions

6) Ethernet Solutions

7) Memory Interfaces