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Sitronix Technology Corporation is a leading fabless IC design company specializing in the design, manufacturing and sales of a wide range of IC chips. Our product offerings include a comprehensive lineup of LCD driver chips as well as touch and sensor chips solutions for smartphones and tablet PCs that are highly praised by many international clientele.
Ever since Sitronix Technology was established in 1998, we have been dedicated ourselves in research and development to cultivate cutting-edge products and technology to accelerate the competitiveness of our customers by shortening the time to market and reducing overall product cost.  Such devotion has earned our reputation in the market and lead us to a substantial growth into becoming a world-renowned provider.

Sitronix has been listed as a public traded company in the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) since 2003 under the code 8016.


Product line:

Sitronix Technology provides a full line of Driver IC solutions for LCD display.  The product line covers mobile phones, smartphones, tablet PC, Notebook PC, LCD monitors and many other consumer electronics with STN, CSTN, TFT-LCD specification. The diverse product offerings and real-time comprehensive solution has made Sitronix Technology one of the top manufacturers in the global LCD display driver chips market.

Over the years, Sitronix Technology builds its success by the continuous efforts in research and development to innovate in new flat panel display technology.  Their core competency lies in the ability to create customer value by enhancing product features in all facets including display performance, high speed, high integration, low power consumption and low noise signal interference to meet the every changing customer needs.

The success of iPhone and iPad triggered the revolution of smartphone, tablet PC and touch panel, and has driven the demands of touch-enabled products. With the solid foundation of technology and the urge to invent, Sitronix Technology brings the innovation into touch-control technology and specializes in the most crucial touch control chips.

With years of experience in chip design and software integration and the insight in the trend of global consumer electronics user interface, Sitronix Technology devotes their efforts in providing a wide range of product solutions from smartphones to tablet PC. The product application supports various sensor modules from single touch to multi-touch control chips, and is highly recognized among international portable device manufacturers.

The persistence of quality assurance policy and the elite account service team make Sitronix Technology the best partner of touch control solution for the clients around the world.