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A pioneer in the digital media industry, Gracenote combines information, technology, services and applications to create ingenious entertainment solutions for the global market. From media management, enrichment and discovery products to content identification technologies, Gracenote allows providers of digital media products and the content community to make their offerings more powerful and intuitive, enabling superior consumer experiences.

The company’s solutions integrate the broadest, deepest, and highest quality global metadata and enriched content with an infrastructure that services billions of searches a month from thousands of products used by hundreds of millions of consumers. Gracenote’s customers include the biggest names in the consumer electronics, mobile, automotive, software and Internet industries. The company’s partners in the entertainment community include major music publishers and labels, prominent independents and movie studios. Gracenote, also known as CDDB®, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.

Global Media Database
Gracenote has built and maintains the largest and most comprehensive global database of music and video information in the world. With more than 250 million consumers using more than 2,000 Gracenote-enabled applications, the Global Media Database processes tens of thousands of queries daily and billions of queries per month.

Enables CE and software developers to deliver a compelling digital entertainment experience by giving consumers the tools to manage and enjoy their music collections on their desktop, home systems, car stereos and mobile devices.


It is the industry’s most intuitive speech-based digital management, discovery and enjoyment solution. Through this solution, users can navigate, manage, explore and play their digital media collections in the car and beyond using voice commands. With MediaVOCS, Gracenote applies its expertise in media recognition, navigation and automatic playlist creation to speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) technology.

A truly flexible music discovery solution, it enables device and software developers and music services to provide targeted, customized recommendations and merchandizing options to
complement their content offering and commercials goals and provide results tailored for each customer’s catalog items.

Playlist & Playlist Plus
It is the first dynamic playlist generation technology for desktop and embedded platforms. Gracenote’s playlisting solution delivers a consistent music experience, automatically generating digital music playlists for both offline and online devices and enabling both CE and software developers the ability to offer their consumers a more intuitive and enjoyable experience across all their media and devices.

Media Enrichment
It combines Gracenote's music and video recognition technology, content management, multi-platform support, and a repository of licensed content from around the globe. Vendors can offer customers contextually relevant information such as lyrics, artist biographies, cover art, photography, synopses and reviews, all of which integrate seamlessly with Gracenote’s product offering and support online, embedded, and promotional business models.