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Silego Technology is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Santa Clara, California with operations in Taiwan, and additional design/technology centers in China, Korea and Ukraine.

Silego designs and sells highly configurable power, logic, and timing mixed signal IC products referred to as CMICs (Configurable Mixed-signal IC Products). The CMIC products integrate medium precision analog components, discrete digital logic, and passive components into highly configurable small, easy to use, low cost ICs. CMIC products provide customers the benefits of reduced system parts count, lower power consumption, less board space and reduced BOM costs.

Silegos customers include many leading OEMs that manufacture and sell Personal Computers systems, data communication equipment, and consumer electronic devices. Silego was recognized in 2010 by Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Rising Star ranking as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Silicon Valley.


Product Line

Green PAK -- Programmable Mixed Signal Array

Green FET -- N-Channel MOSFET Driver

Green FET2 -- mohm MOSFET Load Switch

Green CLK -- MHz Oscillators with micro-power 32.768 kHz output

Green Xtl -- Low Power Programmable Clocks

Battery Charger ID  --

System and Srever clock --

TIP Sensor --