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AMD (NYSE: AMD) is a semiconductor design innovator leading the next era of vivid digital experiences with its ground-breaking AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). AMD’s graphics and computing technologies power a variety of solutions including PCs, game consoles and the servers that drive the Internet and businesses.

  • Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California 
  • Established: 1969 
  • Employees: 11,100 employees worldwide (as of July 2011)  
  • Facilities: 47 locations worldwide 
  • New York Stock Exchange Listing: AMD 
  • 2010 Sales: $6.49 billion 
  • AMD's 2010 Annual Report (10K) is available here

AMD is a worldwide enterprise with more than a dozen research and development (R&D) facilities, nearly two dozen international sales offices, and manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, China, and Singapore. In 2010, AMD derived more than 88% percent of its revenue from international (non-U.S.) markets.
Our Mission
Lead through innovative, customer-centric solutions that empower businesses, enhance the digital lifestyle and accelerate global digital inclusion.

AMD Products and Platforms

From the living room to the cloud, AMD technology is designed to deliver the next-generation of brilliant, immersive experiences across a vast range of computing devices. Our work includes the design of industry-leading:  

  • APUs for the consumer and commercial notebook, desktop, and embedded markets
  • x86 microprocessors for the commercial and consumer markets; embedded microprocessors for commercial, commercial client, and consumer markets; and chipsets for desktop and notebook PCs, embedded systems, professional workstations, and servers. 
  • Graphics, video and multimedia products and technologies for desktop and notebook PCs, embedded systems, professional workstations, servers, and game consoles.
  • Our products can be found in game consoles like the Nintendo Wii™ and Microsoft Xbox360, Apple’s iMac and MacBook Pro lines, and one third of the world’s 100 fastest supercomputers

Product Line

1. Desktop PCs 
2. Notebook PCs
3. Server
4. Workstation
5. Embedded Products
6. TV on the PC
7. AMD Technologies